Investment Management


Why Having A Fiduciary Is Important

Define Your Goals

Every individual comes to us with past experiences that inform future expectations. At Providence, we believe that no two investors are alike and should not be treated as such. In order to help each of our clients be successful, we place a great importance on understanding what success looks like to you and your family. We believe everyone has a hierarchy of values that investment performance must be measured against to determine progress towards success.   

It's easy to get into the details of market returns, 401k balances, performance and pensions without first addressing what's most important to you. Whether it's a new job with a higher income, the unexpected passing of a loved one or a recent inheritance, goals often change over time based on life events. We help you stay the course and make appropriate adjustments when prudent to help you avoid the costly mistakes that are all too common for the retail investor.

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Coordinating Your Wealth

After goals have been defined, we then look comprehensively at your current financial situation to make sure each of your assets work harmoniously and efficiently with the other.  Over the course of a lifetime, you will likely accumulate different retirement plans, pensions, savings accounts, CDs, life insurance policies, Social Security and Medicare Benefits, etc. Understanding how each piece works independently is a good start, but knowing how to optimize their coordination with each other is where the true value really resides and mistakes are avoided.   

Personalized Investment Strategies

Once your current financial picture is known and future goals are clear, only then can we provide tailored advice on how your investments should be allocated based on your time horizon and risk tolerance. Being independent means we can help you invest your money anywhere in the investible universe. We have strategically partnered with an independent asset management firm, Gradient Investments, LLC, to provide an institutional level of managed portfolios for our clients. The following are a sampling of strategies we use as building blocks to help construct a portfolio tailored specifically to your needs. Each strategy has a unique and specific purpose for optimizing your savings.

G50   PDF


G40i   PDF


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Tactical Rotation   PDF

Tactical Rotation

Covered Call   PDF

Covered Call

ETF Endowment   PDF

ETF Endowment

Absolute Yield   PDF

Absolute Yield

Fixed Income   PDF

Fixed Income

Laddered Income   PDF

Laddered Income

Precious Metals   PDF

Precious Metals