Services Summary


Investment Management Services Includes:

Full-Service Account Management

We will select proper account design to insure correct asset allocation. We’ll take care of account set up and links to other accounts. We’ll set up automatic deposit and/or withdrawals, as needed.

Third Party Portfolio Managers

Every minute of the trading day, accounts are monitored by our partners at Gradient Investments. (See: On Your Side). We take care of all trading and rebalancing with an ongoing active management.

[Risk Tolerance Questionnaire][2]

Tailored Asset Allocation

We will assist you in determining your risk tolerance for investing with various goals. We then help you build a portfolio tailored to your unique objectives, risk tolerances and time horizons to help maximize efficiency.

Portfolio Rebalancing

We will macro-rebalance to insure that your overall plan stays risk appropriate. We will micro-rebalance each account to make sure that each one remains efficient.

Investment Review Meetings

We will provide periodic face-to-face and phone meeting to provide ongoing review of your investment performance.

Asset Mapping

This provides a unique overview of your current and proposed asset allocation. This tool is meant to give you an idea of what to anticipate from a risk/reward standpoint. This also allows you to analyze multiple investment strategies tailored to your risk tolerance, time horizon, investment objectives and income needs.

Online and Mobile Tools

You will have access to your portfolio from your computer or mobile device anytime.

Exceptional Service

You can call our office at any time with your questions or concerns so you can effectively understand your investments and plan.

Financial Planning Services Include:

Savings & Debt Management

Do you need to setup a budget? How much should you save now to meet your future goals? Should you pay down debt now or invest for the future? When is it appropriate to take on debt? When's the best time to refinance a home?

Employee Benefits

Are you optimizing your employee benefits? Are your benefits correctly correlated with your financial plan? Is your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan optimized? How do your group Health, Life and Disability relate/compare to non-group alternatives and how are they structured?

Investment Planning

What level of risk is appropriate given your age and future goals? Do you have an over-arching investment strategy? Have you prioritized your savings categories? Are there gaps and overlaps in your asset allocation? Are all of your accounts properly correlated and rebalanced?

Insurance Planning

Are you over-insured, under-insured, or properly insured? Have your policies been reviewed in the last two years? Are your premiums appropriate?

Tax Planning

Is your plan tax-appropriate (Roth vs Traditional vs Taxable)? How and when are Roth conversions best administered? Is there a need for Net Unrealized Appreciation analysis? Is your tax strategy coordinated with your investment strategy?

Retirement Planning

Is your savings strategy on target with your retirement date? Has your Social Security filing strategy been maximized? Is your healthcare insurance designed correctly before and after Medicare? Is your retirement income strategy sustainable? How will Required Minimum Distributions affect your income plan?

Educational Planning

Is your education-funding plan for children/grandchildren appropriate? Do you understand the pros/cons of Educational Savings Accounts and their alternatives?

Estate Planning

Should you create a will, trust, power of attorney, or living will? Does your estate plan minimize the burden on your loved ones?

Inheritance or Special Circumstance

What should you know about planning for a special needs dependent? How do you manage a large windfall of money (bonus, inheritance, gift, etc.)?