Advisory Fees

Wealth Management

Being a Providence Wealth Management client means you're entire financial picture is considered as your investment and financial planning decisions are being harmoniously executed together.

Based on the level of assets we managed, we will charge an annual fee that will be withdrawn quarterly from your investment account. As your asset size increases, your advisory fee percentage will drop. 

Asset Valuation
Under $250,000
$250,000 - $500,000
$500,00 - $3,000,000
Over $3,000,000

Annual Advisory Fee
1.50% - 1.67%
1.25% - 1.42%
1.00% - 1.17%
0.90% - 0.95%

We feel this type of fee-based model is best, as it aligns our interests together. Our company is more profitable when we grow your assets, and less profitable when we don't.