Online Donation Instructions

Donation Link:

The good news is that this is very convenient because you can donate by credit/debit card. The bad news is that they charge a service fee. But…if you don’t write checks anymore, go forward with this convenient way to give but please feel free to email me ( the amount of your service fee and I’ll gladly reimburse you. THANK YOU!

If you would prefer to write a check (no additional fee when you write a check), please make the check payable to Pedal for Alzheimer’s with my name (Paul Cochran) in the memo section.

Mail the check to:
Pedal For Alzheimer’s
PO Box 50281
Knoxville, TN 37950


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Paul Cochran is President and Founder of Providence Advisors Group, LLC, a multi-disciplinary financial services firm in Knoxville. With specialists in Financial Planning, Social Security, Tax Planning, Investment Advisory Services, Medicare, Life and Long-Term Care Insurance Planning, Providence has been helping families since 1993. Originally from Oak Ridge, TN, Paul graduated from the University of Tennessee and then Columbia Biblical Seminary, where he met his wife Sandy and they married in 1987. After 5 years in Christian ministry overseas, Paul & Sandy moved back to Knoxville, with their two children now in tow. In January 1993, Paul began his financial practice by focusing on protecting assets from the catastrophic care-giving expenses of Long-Term Care.

“From the first month in my practice, I’ve been face to face with families helping them navigate the mental, emotional, financial and physical challenges that accompany Alzheimer’s. It’s a devastating disease under any circumstance; but it’s been a privilege to help people plan ahead so they can afford quality care and maintain financial independence.”

Paul and his wife Sandy have 2 married children, Eva & David, and two grandchildren, Ella & Miles, who will turn 5 and 2 respectively during the Pedal for Alzheimer’s ride!

“When Sandy’s mother died suddenly, we learned quickly that she had been “covering” for her husband. Sandy’s father’s cognitive impairment had progressed to the point where he could not live alone. Alzheimer’s disease took it’s toll for the next 8 years: first through home health care, then an assisted living facility and finally a nursing home.”

Paul is an avid cyclist averaging about 8000 miles on the road each year. The opportunity to use the sport he loves to find a cure for a disease he hates was something he couldn’t pass up.

“All my adult life I’ve been confronted both professionally and personally by the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. I’m grateful for the opportunity to join with my friends to raise funds for a cure. I also love the Pedal for Alzheimer’s strategy: we’ve paid all our expenses/administration for this event in advance. That way, every dollar given in this fundraiser goes to the charity. Thanks for joining with me!”