Multi-Generational Planning


Providence Advisors Group was built from the very beginning with our clients' family heritage in mind. In this way we resonate deeply with the desires of many of our clients to see their next generation be equipped to prosper. 


Leaving A Legacy

Warren Buffet once famously said that a perfect amount to leave children is "enough money so that they would feel they could do anything, but not so much they could do nothing." The end goal is unique to every individual but the real challenge is knowing where to begin and what variables or risks you need to consider. 

Whether you want to give assets to your beneficiaries now while your still alive or a later date after you're gone, we'll help you think through the best way to accomplish your goals in a tax-efficient manner. 


Next Generation Integration

We understand that not every family will choose to include their children or grandchildren in their finances. However, we have built within our wealth management service model the capacity for you to include and equip your next generation beneficiaries in a way that aligns with your preferences and values.

Whether it's bringing a child or grandchild in during a financial review or helping them learn the value of investing by opening a Roth IRA on their smartphone, our next generation wealth management platform can help you facilitate wise financial stewardship to your heirs while you're still alive. 


College Savings Planning

We understand the education planning piece of the retirement planning process is important. Many of our clients attribute much of their personal success to the education they've received and the values their parents placed on it. Knowing how educational savings accounts (like 529 College Savings Plans and Coverdells) interact with your child or grandchild being able to receive federal aid or scholarship funds is only half the battle. Whether you're a Mom or Dad of a growing family or a Grandparent in retirement, we'll help you in the following ways:

* Help you figure out if contributing to a educational savings account makes sense
* Help you determine how much to contribute to an educational savings account
* Help you decide if you should do that while you're alive or a part of your estate planning
* Help you consider alternatives ways to save for your children or grandchildren